Good afternoon everyone. RJ is holding steady today. His blood gases are looking good, his lungs looked mostly clear on the x-ray, and they may transfer him from the oscillator to the ventilator later today. He is on 3 kinds of antibiotics to combat his infections. RJ is on morphine to help him with the pain from the operation, poor little guy has been through so much. He is resting now as we sit by his side, hoping our voices and love reach him and give him strength and courage. He has already fought so hard and will need to continue fighting in the weeks ahead. With preemies of his size, it's never a linear progression. There are tiny steps forward and big steps back all the time. He is constantly struggling with a body that is not yet equipped for this world of ours. But his heart is strong, stronger than any I've ever seen, and I know he will persevere. Meanwhile, I hope he is dreaming, dreaming of days filled with hugs and kisses and candy. I know I do.

5/11/2013 06:15:31 am

I am so glad the surgery went well.. He is such a lucky little man.. Between the love you both have for him, each other and Luke watching over him.. He can't loose.. He will make it through this and eating candy before you know it... Xoxoxo

5/11/2013 09:51:05 am

RJ is a fighter. Steady is wonderful news. Im positive that he can feel your love and support with each passing moment you both spend at his bedside. Hoping Mo is healthy again and that you both continue on in your fight for your baby! Prayers for all 3 of you and the doctors and nurses.

5/11/2013 10:56:03 am

You two amaze me with the strength you have for your little guy. I have been and will continue to pray for you three. "Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well. And if you have committed any sins, you will be forgiven." James 5:15

5/12/2013 02:00:40 am

Prayers just said....may they be arguing with you at fourteen....and give you grandchildren...

Aikin Family
5/12/2013 04:24:45 am

My family is always thinking of yours. Go RJ, and stay strong you two.

Vince and Lisa Barringer
5/12/2013 06:07:06 am

Mo and Kelly, we were so sorry to hear of your situation. We continue to pray for you all, for comfort in your loss of Luke, for healing and strength for RJ, and for wisdom for the doctors. Vince's son was born early as well, he vividly recalls those many hours in the NICU, praying to our Lord. Alex is a strong young man of 19 now. May the Lord give you comfort and hope.


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