The operation to RJ's intestine went exactly as planned. They repaired two tiny parts that almost perforated, and cut away a small part that was dead. He now has one end of his intestine sticking outside of the incision. They'll reattach the intestines in a couple of months, and if all goes well it will be like it never happened. Unfortunately he wasn't returning to stats. Stats refers to the levels that the doctors and nurses want to see him at, whether it be his blood pressure, amount of oxygen in his blood, heart rate, etc. So the tests were showing his oxygen level was low, probably because the operation had left him with a little bit of air in his chest cavity. They had to put him on an oscillator, meaning a machine is pumping oxygen into him at a high rate, helping his lungs to fully expand. It hurts us to see him on it because it makes his chest shake :(. His status is critical but stable at this point. He is septic due to the spilling fecal matter into his abdomen, and they have him on antibiotics for that. The good news is the doctor says that typically they don't foresee the bowels dying anymore than they already have. So it's good that it was only a small section that died. That would have been a very hard sentence to write two weeks ago but after everything that's happened....we'll take every silver lining we can get. Thank you to everyone who prayed or sent good thoughts for our little boy. He soldiers on!

5/10/2013 03:51:38 pm


Sylvia Garcia
5/11/2013 03:17:44 am

Since Day 1 I have been praying and Hoping that all went well . I am a believer of my Virgin Mary and pray for his recovery... !!IF THERE IS BELIEVE THERE IS HOPE!!!

Sylvia Garcia


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