Overnight Mauricio and I received a call from the doctor informing us that the incision from RJ's bowel surgery had "bust open." We were told to get to the hospital first thing in the morning for repair of the site. Unfortunately, what I thought was going to be a simple stitching repair has turned into a full repeat of the bowel resection surgery that was done last week. I guess with the PDA issue ruled out, doctors feel that RJ's continued low blood pressure issues could be a result of infection from yet another intestinal rupture. RJ is in surgery as I type this, and Mo and I are a ball of tears in the waiting room as we wait for results from the surgeon. Please pray for strength for our little man!
5/15/2013 02:47:47 am

Big prayers for RJ. He's a fighter and he will keep fighting. Also keeping you and your husband in my prayers. If you guys need anything, please let me know.

5/15/2013 07:14:55 am

Oh, sweetie... I am so sorry!! I pray for you all every day!!! I'm here if you need anything..


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