I walked into RJ's room today and started my routine of checking all of his monitors: Heart rate is a little higher than yesterday. Blood pressure is a little lower, but still within the desired range. Respirations look good, just like they always have.

And then I checked the whiteboard, and when I saw it my heart sank.
RJ is continuing to lose weight and now measures exactly 1lb. My heart breaks when I look at his little body...I see his ribs poking through his delicate skin and I just want to cry. Our little guy weighs almost nothing, but continues to fight with all he has.

The doctor met with us soon after we arrived this morning. Here is the update from overnight:

-Ventilator: RJ was a little difficult and somehow dislodged his ET tube overnight (he is very active and his little hands are always pulling at the wires across his body). He was reintubated around 3am and has since been breathing above the vent settings. This means that RJ is partially breathing on his own, with only minimum assistance from the ventilator.

-Blood pressure continues to be within good ranges and they have been able to keep RJ off of the Dopamine drip.

-Blood tests showed another drop possibly indicating more bleeding in the brain. Another head CT was performed this morning and we are anxiously and nervously awaiting results. We are hopeful that the brain bleeding has stopped, as the doctor says this low blood result could also be due to multiple blood draws tocheck blood sugar yesterday.

-RJ had another blood transfusion overnight due to the anemia

-A repeat chest x-ray was done this morning. The lungs look "beautiful" today with no edema (prior X-rays showed lots of fluid on the lungs). The doctor even showed us both the old and new x-rays, and we were able to see for ourselves that today's scan looks completely normal!

-RJ pooped again today and the bowels look excellent on x-ray. Concerns for NEC or dead bowel are even lower than before, but the antibiotics will continue just as a precaution.

Obviously, the biggest worry for the day is his weight, for which doctors seem to have a plan in place, and the head ultrasound which will be read this afternoon. Please continue to pray for good news!
Aunt Cristy
5/9/2013 08:55:23 am

In his short little life RJ has been through more than any of us. But in this weeks time he has shown us that he is fiesty, a trouble maker from the start, but also so strong. I can only imagine what this means for the future. I pray for my nephew's continued strength and for him to continue to beat the odds stacked against him. I pray for my brother in law that he get some sleep and feel rested. That he see that he is doing everything he possibly can do to take care of his family. And I pray for my sister that through all of this you are able to enjoy those small steps forward and focus on those times during the 2steps back. I pray that you and Mo are able to find comfort in eachother and that your young marriage only grow stronger as you both endure this rollercoaster. I love you guys!

Ali Storey
5/9/2013 02:04:37 pm

We continue to pray for you, Mo, and RJ. I have no doubt Luke is watching over all of you and giving you strength. Keep fighting RJ!


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