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After yesterday's confusion, we received welcome news. RJ had an echocardiogram earlier today and the results show he most likely does NOT have a problem with his PDA. We were fearful the PDA (a valve between his heart and lungs) had reopened, as doctors told us yesterday that all of the oxygen and blood pressure variations were indicative of a reopening. If you remember, this is the vessel that we were relieved had been closed by medicine given last week; If it had reopened, he would have likely needed to have surgery to tie it off. Coming on the heels of the first surgery for his intestines, it may have been too much for him. So we thank God for that, and to all of you praying and sending your positive thoughts his way. Everything is stable.
Shannon H
5/14/2013 09:03:49 am

This is wonderful news! RJ is truely a little fighter and his parents are even stronger.


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