Today officially marks 1 week since our baby boys were born...I really can't believe that. In some ways it feels like just this morning that we were holding baby Luke, and at the same time it seems like pregnancy was a lifetime ago.

Today, we are back in the NICU with RJ, the only place we feel like we belong anymore. When we are away, we have the biggest heartache and our anxiety levels are through the roof. We know that there is absolutely nothing we can do for RJ right now, but being close to him is the only thing we want anymore. We hate that we have to leave for dinner, or that we have to go home to sleep. We count down the minutes until we can be next to him again - kissing the glass of his incubator, whispering words of strength to him, and reminding him that his Mom and Dad are here for him every step of the way.

Today, RJ seems to be doing okay. Thankfully, there were no big developments over night. He is still on the ventilator but requiring less support than yesterday. He had also been on a Dopamine drip to maintain blood pressure...this was stopped today and blood pressure has no longer been an issue.

The biggest concern for the day is his blood sugar, which has been pretty high. Doctors are worried that the high sugars are causing him to urinate more frequently, which prevents him from maintaining the fluids he needs to gain weight. He was started on an Insulin drip and hopefully the blood sugars will balance out by this afternoon.

Other than that, RJ seems to be resting comfortably in his incubator and is covered by a tiny blanket that is very special to Mo and I. It was given to us the day I delivered, and we were told to sleep with it between us so it would capture our scents. Since that night, it has been at RJ's side and has hopefully been soothing to him. We are comforted knowing that even though we can't touch him, little RJ has always has a small piece of us with him!

As always, thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. Mo and I are humbled by the support from all of you and know that we can win this battle with all of you standing firm behind us.
Katie Vera
5/8/2013 10:21:48 am

Kelly and Mauricio,
Hearing about little RJ and Luke has been so incredibly heartbreaking. I couldn't really believe it at first until I realized I was premature too and I turned out as healthy and strong as can be. Which leads me to believe that RJ will as well. He'll fight through this and be the strongest little boy you could ever imagine. You both are such incredible people and you deserve nothing but the best and RJ will have the most outstanding, loving, and caring parents he could ever ask for! Also you all also have Luke watching over you and keeping you all safe. He's your little guardian angel now who will always make sure you're all protected. You're all in my prayers every night and will continue to be. Love you all very much!
- Katie

Shannon Hague
5/8/2013 12:38:16 pm

Happy 1 week birthday baby RJ. Your a little fighter. Kelly and Mo, please know that prayers for you and your baby are all around. Stay strong!

5/22/2022 05:09:50 pm

Hi nice reading your bloog


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