April 26 was supposed to be a day of new beginnings, but it's outcome was nothing like we expected. We had just gotten keys to our new home! We drove there to roam its empty rooms and fill them with our hopeful plans. In the car, Kelly felt some pain in her left side but attributed it to ligaments stretching to accommodate our growing sons. We arrived at the house and had only a moment of joy in the future nursery when our entire world was upended. Kelly's mucus plug came out, signaling the beginning of preterm labor. We rushed to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim, where Kelly was immediately admitted and found to be 3.5 cm dilated, and worse, she was having contractions every 4-5 minutes.

We were 23 weeks, 4 days pregnant. That is three days short of the time when a baby is considered to have any chance of survival outside the womb. The doctors told us that, due to this "industry standard," our twins were going to arrive too early for anyone to help them.

Raul Luna
5/12/2013 02:05:54 am

Mauricio and Kelly, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family. Stay strong and keep the faith!


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    We are Kelly and Mauricio, new parents of twin boys born at only 24 weeks.



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