I would have posted RJ's daily update a little sooner, but the truth is I'm not exactly sure what to say. As far as I can tell RJ is stable despite slightly higher ventilator settings and lowered blood pressure. We didn't receive any bad news when we came in this morning...but, various alarms have been going off all day today in what seems like 30 second increments. Oxygen saturation is up, then down, then up again. RJ is moving around like crazy, but these movements seem to be more like agitation than anything else. We have asked the doctor everything we can think of, and despite our concern we have been assured that everything is okay.

I guess these alarms are getting to me because I can't help but think that something is wrong today...and I am one nervous mom sitting in the corner of this hospital room!

Please pray for wisdom for our doctors and strength and health for baby RJ.
5/13/2013 01:39:27 pm

Hi, ask staff if the parameter settings on the vent have been changed (some RT's like a tighter setting but don't change back when they have their 12 hour shift changes); and if the calibration (PM Preventive Maintenance) is due as some are one year while some are quarterly.
Another consideration is the temperature change outside causes changes on the inside air. It's kind of like a Porsche engine runs much better on a mixture of moisture in the air than just dry plain air. Machines are temperamental. (Always remember that!)

Take your cues from RJ. If he is anxious, talk to him, sing to him, assure him you are there, touch and soothe him if allowed. He will respond to you. Remember he has had the privilege of being surrounded by you and his brother for over 6 months. He misses your heart beat, and misses his brother.
Just be there.


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